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General Information

Please fully complete and sign this application form. If fees are paid by an agency or company, please complete the employer’s acceptance of Financial Responsibility Form. If this application is incomplete or not signed, the application cannot be processed.

Please see our privacy policy below to understand how we plan to manage and use your personal information.

The personal data you supply to Cognita Schools Ltd will only be used in connection with your application for a school place. It will be held securely in line with the Data Protection Act and will not be passed to third parties. Cognita Schools Ltd is registered under the DP Act No.Z9688459.

At Cognita we look after your personal information and only use your personal information for the purpose for which it has been collected. If you would like further information about how and why we use your personal information, please see our privacy notices; these are available here:

To secure a place, upon receipt of an offer, the tuition deposit and the relevant term’s fees must be paid within seven days.

1. The digital signature of the parent or guardian on this application for admission implies an acceptance of all the School’s terms and conditions.

2. If you are self-employed and responsible for the payment of fees, you may be asked to provide evidence to support your ability to settle your financial obligations according to the financial conditions of the school.

3. In cases where school fees are part of your remuneration package, should you terminate your employment or your employment be terminated, without the school having been given due notice as stated in our terms and conditions, you will be responsible for the financial obligations in lieu of that notice.

4. The admission of a student is provisional until satisfactory records have been received by the school.

5. Parents and students must conform to applicable UK Home Office laws and regulations. Failure to do so may lead to the withdrawal of an offer of admission or the exclusion of the pupil from Southbank at any future date.

6. The Parents shall notify the school when completing this form if they are aware or suspect that the student has a difficulty which is considered to be a special educational or behavioural need and the parents must provide the school with copies of all written reports and other relevant information. The student’s place will be cancelled, if, in the professional judgement of the Principal, the school is unable to provide adequately for the student’s special educational needs. Please see Southbank’s terms and conditions for further details.

The information provided on this application is accurate and to the best of my knowledge no information has been withheld. I have provided the school with all requested documentation pertaining to my child’s learning history. I understand that failure to disclose relevant information may lead to the withdrawal of an offer of admission or the exclusion of the student from Southbank at any future date.

Date: Jan 26, 2020